Studio Announcement

We’re thrilled to announce Bender Games, a new game studio based in San Francisco. Our team is dedicated to creating emotionally rich gaming experiences that bring family & friends closer together.

Our goal is to bring the enchantment of a world brimming with magic and adventure to life. Our upcoming title, SAGE, is a cozy multplayer game where players delve into the role of a woodland wizard. Your journey teeters on the edge of good and evil, filled with choices that shape your path and the world around you.

In SAGE, cooperative gameplay is at the heart of the experience. Players will not only play alongside each other but collaborate and work together, impacting each other's adventures. We’re on a mission to create games you never want to put down, inviting you into a world where magic is real and every corner is filled with adventure.

In comparison to film and anime, most multiplayer games don’t spend enough time developing the expressiveness and emotional depth of characters. We strongly agree with creator of Adventure Time Pendleton Ward when he said, “Cute drawings can be taken seriously. Cuteness lures you, and emotional realness delivers a punch to the heart.” In this spirit, we’re bringing SAGE to life with characters as captivating as those in your favorite series, with the added freedom and choice which can only be experienced in a video game.

We also believe the future of games will resemble long running TV shows more than ever. With increasing options for gamers, players will more often seek out games they can play for years on end. We are approaching the development of our games with the dedicated server model in mind and plan to release meaningful seasonal content following the initial launch.

Over the next year, we'll roll out numerous playtesting opportunities. By developing the game in the open, we invite you to play early builds and provide honest feedback. Whether you love the game or find aspects that need more love from us, your input will be essential in shaping the future of SAGE.

We are most thankful for the invaluable advice and support of those who have helped us in the earliest stages, including Eric LaFleche, Paul Sawaya, Bryan Pratte, Joshua Collin, Jackson Prince, Ryan Metzger, Derek Pankaew, Hans ten Cate, Hubert Thieblot, Eden Chen, Christopher Yu, and Nick Donahue.

Ultimately, starting this business wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our friends inside and outside the games industry. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged us thus far; we’re excited to share more soon.